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Real Estate Advisory

We believe that good real estate investment should be safe, secured and profitable. Making one that passed all the above tests could be difficult and comes with so many what ifs.

At naijapropertyzone, our experienced professionals and certified realtors, lawyers, surveyors and builders would answer all your questions, provide expert advices tailored to your real estate needs and take a step further to suggest to best real estate investment opportunities around that you might not be aware of. The idea is to leave you well informed to make real estate investment decision that is safe and profitable above market rate.

Property Sale

Want to buy or sell a property? Then you are at the right place. Our professionally trained real estate sales team and disruptive real estate marketing approach leaves us at cutting edge to deliver nothing less than excellence in helping you drive market share while protecting your interest. We serve as touch – point for real estate buyers and sellers.

Due Diligence

With a view to helping you make a safe and secured investment in real estate, our experience legal team would scrutinize all title documents under an eagle-eye watch, perform background investigation to ascertain any fault in the land history, and go all the way to cross check details with the land registry and Surveyor General’s Office.

We pay attention to the smallest details. With naijapropertyzone involved in your real estate investments you can never lose your hard-earned money to thieves in disguise.

Facility Management

With integrity we help management your real estate portfolio for optimal ROI. We do this in the capacity of facility/property managers and real estate brokers.